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“Decor Pardeh” is a pioneering company that works closely with interior decoration customers, particularly in window shade and cretonne, in roughly all over cities in Iran

“Decor Pardeh” is organized into three divisions, manufacture, sales and marketing, according to the customers and the industry we serve. Our company has focused its business portfolio to deliver solutions and products that bring gre


ater value to our customers. 500 sales representatives throughout Iran allow “Decor Pardeh” to access a considerable market all over the country. With a huge information sources in interior decoration industry and professional experts who can promote your product well, “Decor Pardeh” can bring a wide access to Iran market for your company.

Our portfolio ranges are as follows

Zebra Shade Blinds

Swedish metal and wooden blinds

Shade screens with printed image

Blinds with electric motor

پرده کرکره پرده زبرا

Some of The competitive advantages of “Decor Pardeh”

Enjoy the sales experts from the top-tier reputation universities

More than 500 sales representatives throughout the country, Iran.

An update information bank of 50,000 businesses related to interior decoration, especially in window shade and cretonne, that can play an important role part in introducing your products and services.

Central warehouse to distribute products

Central sales office at the heart of Tehran city

Trucks for distribution all over the country and cities

Hereby we invite all manufacturers and suppliers to visit our central sales office in order to extend the commercial relationships

پرده لوردراپه تصویری یا لور تصویری یا فتو لور که شما میتوانید بصورت یکرو و دو رو تهیه نمایید
پرده لوردراپه تصویری

Life at “Decor Pardeh” is about developing innovative solutions to meet the requirements of our customers most difficult challenges

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